Is your consumer unit is looking a bit old and outdated? then we can be of assistance. We now install the 17th edition amendment 3 consumer units since they became regulation in 2015. We can install a small garage board and submain if necessary for a shed or garage up to a large 3 phase consumer unit or MCCB panel.

At the heart of every electrical installation is the fuse board and many properties still have outdated circuit protection, inadequate earthing and no residual current devices.

R.C.D. (residual current devices) offer additional protection against electric shock and are not to be confused with M.C.B. (miniature circuit breakers.)  In the event of somebody getting an electric shock, the R.C.D. will shut off the electricity supply before there is enough power to cause electrocution.

Installation of R.C.D. protected fuse boards and earthing upgrades are normally straightforward.  They take less than a day to install and are well worth the benefits offered. All of our consumer unit changes also include full inspection, testing and certification of the property.

Please be aware that when changing a consumer unit you will need a fully qualified electrician with the latest regulation certification (currently 17th  edition) to carry out the job. They will also need to be affiliated with NICEIC, Elecsa or Napit to be able to sign off the works and provide you with a part P certificate which also notifies local building control.