Lighting design and installation is a big part of installations both new and old, and something we have a real passion for. Lighting can completely transform and area and even change its feel and purpose throughout the day. A big innovation in recent years for lighting is the control of it and the way it works, especially with the new breed of LED fittings. We can worth with domestic and commercial clients to achieve the exact look they want for their space and carry out a full start to finish service including design works and light mapping using lighting design software.

Our product knowledge and experience with many different lighting manufacturers provide options you would most likely not otherwise be aware of, using the latest reliable technologies to provide flexibility and save you money. Our technical knowledge guarantees correct light levels, compliance with current regulations, bringing you the look and feel that you want, but saving energy and money at the same time. We work with several different designers to choose products that bring your spaces to life and absolutely working with you and your budget.